Big Muscle Mission


Our muscles able us to move our body by producing force through the bones. There are two types of muscles accordingly to their shape: striated and smooth, but they both work the same way, by contracting through the motion of two special molecules, the actin and the myosin. However, not all types of muscle are voluntary (meaning that you can control it by yourself), some of them are involuntary and our body is capable of making them work without us thinking and wanting it (as an example of it, we have the cardiac muscle – the one that controls our heart – we don’t decide that we want to make our heart pump, right?).
Well, now we know generally how the muscle works, the next question is: why and how they grow? When we contract the muscle, we are producing force in it, making them work and spend energy. If we increase the difficulty of the contraction of that same muscle, we are making them work harder and they will need to generate more force as well as activate more muscle fibers to be able to complete the task you gave them. This happens, for example, when you exercise. When you do it, you are creating tension through your muscles in order for them to produce force, force which will damage them (in a good way) that will make possible for them to grow. And how’s that? When they get damaged, meaning small ruptures due to exercise, the body will respond by activating molecules to regenerate it and grow it once the fibers are bigger, and with that, they occupy more space making the body adapt to it.

Nevertheless, this does not happen from day to night, no! You understand that this process takes time, our body is a perfect machine but you need to work it for it to respond, don’t expect to go to the gym and next day you are bigger. The gain of strength and muscle mass generally happens in periods of six or more weeks, but it is different from person to person. Additionally, you can train well, but you also need to eat well. The muscle is made of water and protein for the most part – what does that mean? Drink a lot of water and eat good food. Protein is the main focus when it comes to muscle growth, however, don’t forget about the other nutrients (carbs and fats) as they will give you energy and a good body function.

BIG MASS presents a great composition of easily digestible carbohydrates and protein, containing creatine monohydrate, BCAA, HMB and L-glutamine. Our gainer will promote muscle recovery as well as fasten your lean body mass growth. To maximize the effectiveness of your gains you may take it as a post workout meal.



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